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Can you truly forget the past?

Or is it buried inside you, ingrained deep within your soul? Josh is haunted by these questions, and the recollections he can’t shake from a paranormal message: 542 Days,  an event that turned his life upside down. Now he faces the aftermath.

Tormented by prior decisions, Josh accidentally summons a force into his life he was not expecting,  and isn’t sure he’s ready to let go of.
Pressured to revisit witchcraft, he, along with Britney and Mason, enter a reality infused with paranoia, mystery and magic.

In 542 Days (Book 2): Ramification by Stevie D. Parker, we are taken on a suspenseful tale of three uniquely different people,  brought together by an inexorable tragedy, on a mission to ensure the spell they performed to secure their future was successfully accomplished.


print length- 284 pages

542 Days (Book 2): Ramification

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