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366 Days after 542 Days

I typically don’t get too personal, but seeing the date today made me a bit nostalgic, so I wanted to take a minute to talk about the 542 Days series. Yesterday (2022) was the day I began writing 542 Days: Recollection. The story had been residing in my brain for quite some time, and it was the one I was most excited to write. Completely different than anything I had ever written; it was initially supposed to be a trilogy. Last year this time, I also received some news that I won’t bore you with, but it changed my life and thinking on a massive scale. I decided at that time I would condense the trilogy into one book.

Recollection was so much fun to write on so many different levels. I got to explore things like witchcraft, reiki, and astral projection and play a little with my imagination. It was only a week after launch that the characters came knocking and demanding a sequel, and an idea for a “new” trilogy was born.

Now, a year later, 542 Days: Ramification is on the way. The book itself took a bunch of turns I didn’t see coming, and it has by far been the most challenging piece I have ever written. It will just not allow me to follow an outline, no matter how many times I have sat down and pieced one together. Although many elements in this book are similar to the first, there are new aspects as well, and more of a thriller element weaved in some parts. (Spoiler alert: some scenes shook me.) Being in the homestretch now with writing, as my marketing team is working diligently on the fun stuff like covers and swag, I can’t wait to get this off to editing!

Just like with Recollection, all three books will have new adult versions with F-bombs and spicy scenes cut out.

I will say, for fans of Wounds of Time and My Significant Nobody… I am having way too much fun with this genre; you may have to wait for another “romance” sub-genre book for a while.

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