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Ask me Anything- Q&A with Stevie D. Parker

I did my first author takeover on Facebook yesterday, which included an "Ask me Anything" segment. Two authors and three readers threw out questions for an hour. This was really fun!

Author 1: What made you start writing?

Stevie: That’s a good one! I’ve always had very detailed, lucid dreams and one night I had a dream I was writing the end of a book. When I woke up, I remembered it word for word and wrote it down. Two months later, I began Wounds of Time and wrote it backwards. From the last page to the beginning. But don’t read it that way, bc you’ll ruin the ending! Author 1: Where did you get your idea for Wounds of Time?

Stevie: It was written in my nephew’s bedroom after he moved out. The characters were all based on pictures on his wall, and items in his room.

Author 1: What’s your writing routine?

Stevie: I start with an outline, then do the first draft which is the actual “story”. Second round, sensory details and character descriptions, third editing - then off to a professional editor. Author 2: Who inspires you?

Stevie: I quit my job as a Public Relations Executive after 22 years in the industry. I went back to school, changing my major from journalism to marketing. In a humanities class I had an assignment that made me read the book “Salinger”. When I finished reading it, it inspired me to go back to that last page I dreamt and write the entire book. So, I guess it was JD Salinger. Author 2: Have you always wanted to be a writer?

Stevie: Yes. I was a journalism major all through school and wrote for the school newspaper. I’ve also had poetry published at 15 years old. Author 2: How do you cope with writer’s block?

Stevie: I haven’t really had it yet. My problem is usually the opposite- I have so many stories in my head and need to find motivation to write it down lol. Author 2: If you could speak to anyone from the past or present, who would you choose and why?

Stevie: Robert Downey Jr. Aside from being hot af, he has an amazing story of overcoming addiction and changing his life around. Author 2: When naming a characters, do you give any thought to the actual meaning?

Stevie: Yes- most are named after people I know in real life. Author 2: How would you define your writing style?

Stevie: Fast paced, light reading and sarcastic. Lots of banter! Author 1: Are your characters based on specific people?

Stevie: Most of them are based on me, during different times of my life, most stories based on real life events. Author 1: What do you like to do in your spare time?

Stevie: Well, I’ve been reading a lot more! Lol. I love live events, concerts, baseball games, live music, Broadway. I’m a definite foodie and love to drink! Author 1: How do you relax?

Stevie: I meditate every day. Half an hour in the morning and half an hour at night. Reader 1: Are you currently working on any new writing pieces?

Stevie: Yes, I am halfway through the second draft of my next novel “My Significant Nobody.” This one is more of a romance. Friends to lovers, then to enemies, love triangle... very rom-com style. Reader 2: Curious to know who was your favorite character in the book? We all get different perspectives. Mine is Sarah... no doubt! Would love to know yours. Who was your favorite??

Stevie: Favorite is hard, I obviously have a soft spot for Vince, being the “flawed villain.” Isabel, Bianca’s best friend was the most fun to write. Her personality is definitely more of me coming through, and fun fact she was the last character written after the original story was completed. Reader 1: Do you keep a journal? Where do you jot down ideas?

Stevie: I keep a dream journal, does that count? Lol. I do jot down one liners or ideas I have in my iPhone notes. A lot of inspiring scenes have come from specific songs playing while I’m driving. Reader 2: Sarah....

Stevie: She was the hardest to write, because she was the least like me in personality. Although her “goals” we’re definitely based on my twenties. Reader 2: Really? And I saw her as so down to earth. Someone I think was real. Loved her! How long did it take you to write your book? Much pondering?

Stevie: The first draft was done in three weeks. Then back and forth with the editor took a bit longer than expected, it was submitted a week before NYC went on lockdown.

Reader 3: Who was your least favorite character in Wounds of Time?

Stevie: Bianca’s mother lol.

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